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Style Jewelry Exporter

ExtremeDesign Export Trading is a Style Jewelry Export Firm located in Cebu Town, Philippines. We produce, make, and assemble style jewelries, gifts, windchimes and almost any handicrafts Extreme Style and home ornamental items manufactured from indigenous materials such as for example sea-shells, hardwood, coco, bone tissue, horn, rock, buri, bamboo and various other natural materials.

We’ve been within this business since 1998 being a supplier inside our neighborhood and now growing the business enterprise of EXPORTING TOP QUALITY Philippine Handicrafts and PRODUCTS that are really DESIGNED and suitable for all designs and styles worldwide.

We are making the very best and exclusive styles of today’s marketplace and have extremely competitive prices which will be offered specially for Quantity Purchases or WHOLESALERS. We totally observe QUALITY CONTROL on our completed products to provide the very best and gain even more satisfaction to your foriegn customers. We also customize styles exclusively for you personally. Just send out us pictures of the designs and standards for quotation.

ExtremeDesign Export Trading (EDET) is forever, the easier to savor and enjoy it. ImageThrough the zoom lens of public equality, ImageEDET includes recruiting in style conceptualization, creation, and marketing to meet up with others whose gratitude and valuing of the designs supply the required opportunities for organic and recruiting to get together for each additional.

From products to furniture and other house decors, EDET was organized to create to each life both individual and house improvements to showcase what life holds for these designs in your individual adornment and in the care and value you bring to your homes.

Thus, when styles meet both features and beauty, personal care will not just enhance ones identification but also a residence gets transformed right into a home!